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Teacher Education Seminar

Seminar participants had the opportunity to tour a drilling rig in western North Dakota.
2010 Teacher Seminar participants

June 19-22, 2017  •  Bismarck State College


Seminar Brochure

This event expands participating teachers' knowledge of the North Dakota oil and gas industry, from its prehistoric beginnings to the final product.

The seminar covers various aspects of the industry including history, geology, physics, engineering, production issues, refining and marketing, employment needs, and the impact of oil tax on state tax revenues, policy decisions and the state's budget surplus. In addition to learning from a number of industry professionals regarding various aspects of the industry, teachers had the opportunity to tour a well site, drilling rig, producing well, rail facility, reclaimed site, the Mandan Tesoro Refinery, and the North Dakota Heritage Center.

The seminar is funded by the Petroleum Council and a grant from the Oil & Gas Research Council.

Larry Dokken, Frear Consulting, explains the process of hydraulic fracing. Blaine Hoffmann, Whiting Petroleum Corp., explains to teachers the process of drilling.
2010 Teacher Education Seminar rig tour