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  • 28th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

    May 11-13, 2021  |  Bismarck Event Center  |  Bismarck, ND


    Registration to attend the 28th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference is now open. The Conference will now feature virtual options with livestreaming and online exhibitor profiles along with the traditional live and in-person speakers and trade show!

    Click here to learn more. 



    26th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

    Click the links below for presentations.

    Tuesday, May 22

    Growing the Energy Workforce and Advancing Our Western North Dakota Communities

    Session Chairs:  Rob Lindberg, Director, Bakken Backers

    Doug Goehring, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

    Workforce Statistics – Cindy Sanford, Job Service North Dakota/Williston

    Community Infrastructure/Growth – Geoff Simon, Executive Director, Western Dakota Energy Association

    Growing Creedence Energy – Kevin Black, Co-founder & President, Creedence Energy Services

    Millennials Matter – How to Attract, Retain, & Intrigue Today’s Workforce – Danita Bye, CEO: Sales Growth Specialists

    CyberSecurity: Is your infrastructure safe?

    Session Chairs:  Tony Straquadine, Manager, U.S. Officer, Alliance Pipeline

    Kari Cutting, Vice President, North Dakota Petroleum Council

    Cybersecurity: Today’s Invisible Battlespace – Jerad Sayler, Capt., Chief of Offensive Cyber Operations, USAF Space Command

    Protecting U.S. Infrastructure: FERC’s Cybersecurity Program – Joe McClelland, Director, Office of Energy Infrastructure, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  (No presentation available)

    Is Your Home/Business Data Safe? – John Nagel, CEO/Founder, CyberNet Security, LLC  (No presentation available)

    Williston Basin Breakthrough Technologies

    Session Chairs:  Michael Kukuk, Regulatory Manager, Oasis Petroleum

                                Curtis Ryland, Regional Vice President – Bakken Asset Team, Marathon Oil

    Intriguing New Pipeline Monitoring Technologies – Brian Kalk, Director of Energy Systems Development, Energy & Environmental Research Center

    UAS – Oil & Gas Inspection & Detection – Brad Tomer, Vice President of Operations, Avitas Systems, a GE Venture

    Enhancing the Bakken with Beyond Visual Line of Sight UAS – Jim Cieplak, Business Development & Customer Strategic Accounts, Harris Corporation

    The Davis Refinery: Industry Proven Technology, Comprehensively Applied to Meet Lower Emissions – Lance Medlin, Executive Vice President, Projects, Meridian Energy

    Leveraging Digital Technology to Optimize Equipment Operation and Maintenance – David Dunlevy, General Manager, Caterpillar Oil & Gas

    Well-site Automation – Travis Wardlaw, IS Manager Denver Division, EOG Resources

    Moving Past the Thief Hatch/Alternative Central Tank Battery Designs – Ryan Lunsford, Facilities Engineering Supervisor, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

    Dust Control for New OSHA Regulations – John Jackson, Application Technology Manager, Unimin Energy

    Energy Transmission Siting in North Dakota: An Overview of Procedures for Route Adjustments Before or During Construction of Transmission Pipelines – Lawrence Bender, Attorney, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., on behalf of Dakota Access Pipeline


    Natural Gas Capture & Infrastructure Development

    Session Chair:    Phil Archer, NDPC Natural Gas Capture Task Force Chair, Whiting Oil & Gas

    Gas Capture Regulations – Bruce Hicks, Director of North Dakota Oil & Gas Division

    Production Growth & Capture Data – Justin Kringstad, Director, North Dakota Pipeline Authority

    Expanding Gas Processing Capacity – David Cassel, Manager of Project Analysis, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing, ONEOK Rockies Midstream

    Tackling Gas Capture in the Core of the Bakken – Diaco Aviki, Crestwood Midstream Partners

    Advances in Remote Capture – Brian Cebull, President & CEO, GTUIT


    Wednesday, May 23

    Welcome – Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council  |  (No presentation)

    North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum   |  (No presentation)

    Address from Miss America Cara Mund   |  (No presentation)

    Global Market Impact of the American Energy Renaissance   | (No presentation)

    Harold Hamm, Chairman & CEO, Continental Resources

    Dr. Edward Lewis Morse, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodities Research at Citigroup Inc., Research Division

    Address from U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke   | (No presentation)

    Senator John Hoeven and Senator Heidi Heitkamp Videos

    Leading the Way in Shale: Future Challenges and Opportunities for the Bakken – Greg Hill, President, Worldwide Exploration & Production, Hess Corporation

    Liberty’s Stomping Horse Bakken EOR Project – Mark Pearson, President & CEO, Liberty Resources

    Marketing Bakken Oil to the World – Brady Cook, Senior Vice President Oil and Trading, Koch Industries, Inc.


    New Energy Economic Reality

    (No presentations for this session)

    Session Chairs:        Preston Page, CEO/President, Page Petroleum

    Kathleen Neset, North Dakota Petroleum Council Vice Chair, Neset

    Outlook for U.S. Monetary Policy & Implications on Energy Sector – Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

    Conversation 1: Global Oil Market Perspective/The Williston Basin’s Contribution

    Conversation 2: Shift in Public Market Mindset as to the Energy Sector

    Bob Morris, Managing Director, Oil and Gas Exploration & Production, Citi Research

    John Gerdes, Managing Director & Head of Research, KLR Group

    Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


    Williston Basin Optimization

    Session Chairs:     Alan Olson, Montana Petroleum Association

                                   John Harju, VP-Strategic Partnerships, Energy & Environmental Research Center

    US-Canada Collaborations on EOR and CO2-EOR – Dan MacLean, CEO/President of Petroleum Technology Research Centre

    Expanding the Margins of the Williston Basin – The Impact of Refined Stimulation Design – Kyle Trainor, Reservoir Engineer, NP Energy Services, LLC

    Strategic Completion Design and Operation in Addressing Parent-Child Well Impact

    Ashley Thoma, Completions Team Lead, Statoil

    Lionel Ribeiro, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Statoil

    Fiber Optics in Completions: Real-Time Stage Optimization – Price Stark, Pinnacle

    Completion drivers to optimize dollars per barrel of oil equivalent – Leen Weijers, VP of Engineering, Liberty Oil Field Services


    Regulation: New Day – Better Way!  |  Location:  Exhibit Hall D

    Session Chairs:  Zac Weis, Government & Community Relations Manager, Marathon Oil

    Alan Olson, Executive Director, Montana Petroleum Association

    Douglas Benevento, EPA Region 8 Administrator

    Dave Glatt, Chief of the North Dakota Department of Health Environmental Health Section

    Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota Attorney General

    Tim Fox, Montana Attorney General


    Williston Basin’s Multi-Zone Geology

    Session Chairs:  Ed Murphy, North Dakota State Geologist, ND Geological Survey

                                Melinda Yurkowski, Assistant Chief Geologist, Petroleum Geology, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

    Untapped Unconventional Potential: Heat Flow and Source Bed Thermal Maturity – Burke Brunson, UND Geology Graduate Student

    Spearfish/Madison Formations – Travis Stolldorf, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Tyler Formation – Tim Nesheim (filling in for Jeff Brehm, Managing Member, Tall Cotton Petroleum)

    Madison Targets in Saskatchewan & North Dakota

    Arden Marsh, Petroleum Research Geologist Saskatchewan Geological Survey

    Tim Nesheim, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Birdbear-Duperow (Devonian) – Jeff Bader, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Stonewall and Lower Interlake Formations (Silurian) – Tim Nesheim, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Helium Resources and Potential of the Phanerozoic Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Southern Saskatchewan – Melinda Yurkowski, Assistant Chief Geologist, Petroleum Geology, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy


    Thursday, May 24

    Welcome – Blu Hulsey, North Dakota Petroleum Council Chairman, Continental Resources (No presentation)

    Congressman Kevin Cramer Video

    World Supply/Demand – Linda Capuano, Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration

     Bakken Now! Production Growth & Infrastructure Needs – Lynn Helms, Director, Department of Mineral Resources

     The Best Play Gets Better – Jack Stark, President, Continental Resources

     High-Tech Oil Shale – Mike Henderson, Vice President, Resource Plays North, Marathon Oil

    Bakken CEOs – What’s Next for the Williston Basin

    Moderator: Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council

    Resilience Against Volatility – Erec Isaacson, Vice President, Rockies Business Unit, ConocoPhillips

    Bakken Strong: Our Cornerstone Asset – Thomas Nusz, Chairman and CEO, Oasis Petroleum

    Why the Bakken? – Brad Holly, President and CEO, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

     Politics & America 2018 – J.C. Watts, Chairman, J.C. Watts Companies (No presentation)