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Press Kit & Media Contacts


Media Contact:
Tessa Sandstrom, Communications Manager
(701) 223.6380




The Bakken is a world-class resource that has been unlocked through technological innovations, generating unprecedented economic growth, creating nearly 60,000 jobs for the state of North Dakota, and spurring a shale energy revolution that is reducing our nation’s independence on foreign oil for the first time in years. The story of the Bakken is a great one, and it has caught the attention of journalists across the nation and around the world, with dozens of media requests being submitted to the North Dakota Petroleum Council and individual operators each day. 


Please know that while we take every request under consideration, due to the sheer volume of requests we receive and the strict schedules under which our members operate, we unfortunately cannot accommodate every request. If you are coming to the Bakken for a story, we recommend using the following field tips when planning your trip:


1.Plan at least 30 days ahead:

Because the oil and gas industry companies must take certain safety and legal precautions before allowing visitors on a job site, any requests for tours, interviews or photographing and filming should be submitted at least 30 days in advance to allow ample time for requests and arrangements to go through the proper channels.


Since many companies are headquartered outside of North Dakota, requests for onsite interviews should also be submitted 30 days in advance to allow executives or spokespersons to travel to the state.


2.Understand the area:

The Bakken covers a large area in western North Dakota, eastern Montana and southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Please take note of distances and plan your travel time accordingly. Please also consider that many industry company representatives will need to travel those same distances and will need to work around job schedules.


In addition, North Dakota can experience drastic weather changes from one day to the next, especially in the winter. Check the forecast regularly, pack accordingly, and prepare extra travel time to account for adverse weather.


3.Permission is appreciated, precaution is imperative

Individuals may not enter a well-pad site or private well-pad access road without permission. While not required or enforced, acquiring prior permission or notice to photograph or film job sites offsite from public property is greatly appreciated. To locate a well site or well site owner, use the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources’ GIS Map Server available here.


Due to safety concerns, however, if filming or photographing from a public road, please take extra precautions to protect yourself from traffic, including avoiding stopping or parking in blind spots, such as below a hill or around a curve where oncoming traffic may not see you. Please also avoid stopping in intersections or along narrow roads that may block traffic.


4.Provide information:

Please understand that due to strict work schedules, companies are not always able to accommodate drilling tours or onsite interviews. The more details about your article or story you can provide and the more advance notice given will assist the company in making arrangements and expediting your request.


The North Dakota Petroleum Council also has a various multimedia resources available for the news media. To request resources, contact Tessa Sandstrom at 701.223.6380 or tsandstrom@ndoil.org.


Speaking Requests

If you would like the North Dakota Petroleum Council to speak at your request, please click here and fill out the Speaking Request form.