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Volume VIII Issue I - One million barrels and counting: ND reaches milestone


Volume VII Issue IV - ND Land of opportunity for young professionals

Volume VII Issue III - Industry teams up to tackle trash and build relationships

Volume VII Issue II - Sportsmen & oil industry team up to improve wildlife habitat

Volume VII Issue I - Red River Valley becoming major support hub for Bakken


          Volume VI Issue III - Transitioning from exploration to development

          Volume VI Issue II - ND oil and gas industry helps 'Pick Up the Patch'

Volume VI Issue I - Oil Can Power Kids Futures


Volume V Issue IV - Oil industry investing $3 billion+ to capture natural gas

Volume V Issue III - ND oil and gas industry helps communities in need

Volume V Issue II - ProgressZone: Western North Dakota is under construction

Volume V Issue I - Oil's economic impact is significant and favorable in North Dakota


Volume IV Issue IV - Event Recap: Legislative Tour Day and Town Hall Meetings well attended

Volume IV Issue III - Pipeline Safety Tidbits: Getting "smart" about pipeline safety

Volume IV Issue II - Road safety a concern for North Dakota oil industry operators

Volume IV Issue I - 2009: Oil and gas industry grows, expands infrastructure


Volume III Issue IV - Royalty Owner Information Center

Volume III Issue III - Bakken Rocks CookFest

Volume III Issue II - Bakken Technology Tidbits


Volume II Issue II - Oil and Gas Education Tidbits

Volume II Issue I - Oil Tax Revenues Tidbits


Volume I Issue IV - 2007 Economic Impact Tidbits

Volume I Issue III - Workforce Needs Tidbits

Volume I Issue II - Bakken Geology Tidbits

Volume I Issue I - Transportation Bottleneck Tidbits