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About Oil Can!

The “Oil Can!” program is designed to open the lines of communication and improve understanding between the petroleum industry of North Dakota and key stakeholder groups such as property owners, policy makers, community leaders, media reporters and the general public. View our new Oil Can! website and commercial at www.northdakotaoilcan.com.

The "Oil Can!" program is built on three guiding principles:

Listen first

  • The petroleum industry will provide stakeholders with various avenues from which to provide input and feedback (e.g., town hall meetings, interactive website, mail-based and internet-based surveys, phone, e-mail and "Oil Can!" mailings.
  • Rather than focusing primarily on sending information to stakeholders, the petroleum industry will focus primarily on receiving information from stakeholders. Based on this “listen first” approach, the industry will gain a better understanding of any issues or concerns; thus the industry will be in a better position to respond accordingly.

Develop partnerships

  • The “Oil Can!” will not be the sole responsibility of one organization or entity. Instead, the program will be open to any and all organizations in the petroleum industry who seek to build positive working relationships with key stakeholders and the general public.
  • A coalition of supporting organizations will be established and the members will be readily identified in all communications mediums and methods. Membership will not require a financial commitment.

Respect others

  • Public safety will be a top priority.
  • Property rights, laws and regulations will be respected.
  • Community values and tribal traditions will be honored.
  • Development will occur in a responsible & environmentally-friendly manner.

View the Oil Can! program presentation. (PDF version)