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  • 26th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

    Click the links below for presentations.

    Tuesday, May 22

    Growing the Energy Workforce and Advancing Our Western North Dakota Communities

    Session Chairs:  Rob Lindberg, Director, Bakken Backers

    Doug Goehring, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

    Workforce Statistics – Cindy Sanford, Job Service North Dakota/Williston

    Community Infrastructure/Growth – Geoff Simon, Executive Director, Western Dakota Energy Association

    Growing Creedence Energy – Kevin Black, Co-founder & President, Creedence Energy Services

    Millennials Matter – How to Attract, Retain, & Intrigue Today’s Workforce – Danita Bye, CEO: Sales Growth Specialists

    CyberSecurity: Is your infrastructure safe?

    Session Chairs:  Tony Straquadine, Manager, U.S. Officer, Alliance Pipeline

    Kari Cutting, Vice President, North Dakota Petroleum Council

    Cybersecurity: Today’s Invisible Battlespace – Jerad Sayler, Capt., Chief of Offensive Cyber Operations, USAF Space Command

    Protecting U.S. Infrastructure: FERC’s Cybersecurity Program – Joe McClelland, Director, Office of Energy Infrastructure, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  (No presentation available)

    Is Your Home/Business Data Safe? – John Nagel, CEO/Founder, CyberNet Security, LLC  (No presentation available)

    Williston Basin Breakthrough Technologies

    Session Chairs:  Michael Kukuk, Regulatory Manager, Oasis Petroleum

                                Curtis Ryland, Regional Vice President – Bakken Asset Team, Marathon Oil

    Intriguing New Pipeline Monitoring Technologies – Brian Kalk, Director of Energy Systems Development, Energy & Environmental Research Center

    UAS – Oil & Gas Inspection & Detection – Brad Tomer, Vice President of Operations, Avitas Systems, a GE Venture

    Enhancing the Bakken with Beyond Visual Line of Sight UAS – Jim Cieplak, Business Development & Customer Strategic Accounts, Harris Corporation

    The Davis Refinery: Industry Proven Technology, Comprehensively Applied to Meet Lower Emissions – Lance Medlin, Executive Vice President, Projects, Meridian Energy

    Leveraging Digital Technology to Optimize Equipment Operation and Maintenance – David Dunlevy, General Manager, Caterpillar Oil & Gas

    Well-site Automation – Travis Wardlaw, IS Manager Denver Division, EOG Resources

    Moving Past the Thief Hatch/Alternative Central Tank Battery Designs – Ryan Lunsford, Facilities Engineering Supervisor, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

    Dust Control for New OSHA Regulations – John Jackson, Application Technology Manager, Unimin Energy

    Energy Transmission Siting in North Dakota: An Overview of Procedures for Route Adjustments Before or During Construction of Transmission Pipelines – Lawrence Bender, Attorney, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., on behalf of Dakota Access Pipeline


    Natural Gas Capture & Infrastructure Development

    Session Chair:    Phil Archer, NDPC Natural Gas Capture Task Force Chair, Whiting Oil & Gas

    Gas Capture Regulations – Bruce Hicks, Director of North Dakota Oil & Gas Division

    Production Growth & Capture Data – Justin Kringstad, Director, North Dakota Pipeline Authority

    Expanding Gas Processing Capacity – David Cassel, Manager of Project Analysis, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing, ONEOK Rockies Midstream

    Tackling Gas Capture in the Core of the Bakken – Diaco Aviki, Crestwood Midstream Partners

    Advances in Remote Capture – Brian Cebull, President & CEO, GTUIT


    Wednesday, May 23

    Welcome – Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council  |  (No presentation)

    North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum   |  (No presentation)

    Address from Miss America Cara Mund   |  (No presentation)

    Global Market Impact of the American Energy Renaissance   | (No presentation)

    Harold Hamm, Chairman & CEO, Continental Resources

    Dr. Edward Lewis Morse, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodities Research at Citigroup Inc., Research Division

    Address from U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke   | (No presentation)

    Senator John Hoeven and Senator Heidi Heitkamp Videos

    Leading the Way in Shale: Future Challenges and Opportunities for the Bakken – Greg Hill, President, Worldwide Exploration & Production, Hess Corporation

    Liberty’s Stomping Horse Bakken EOR Project – Mark Pearson, President & CEO, Liberty Resources

    Marketing Bakken Oil to the World – Brady Cook, Senior Vice President Oil and Trading, Koch Industries, Inc.


    New Energy Economic Reality

    (No presentations for this session)

    Session Chairs:        Preston Page, CEO/President, Page Petroleum

    Kathleen Neset, North Dakota Petroleum Council Vice Chair, Neset

    Outlook for U.S. Monetary Policy & Implications on Energy Sector – Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

    Conversation 1: Global Oil Market Perspective/The Williston Basin’s Contribution

    Conversation 2: Shift in Public Market Mindset as to the Energy Sector

    Bob Morris, Managing Director, Oil and Gas Exploration & Production, Citi Research

    John Gerdes, Managing Director & Head of Research, KLR Group

    Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


    Williston Basin Optimization

    Session Chairs:     Alan Olson, Montana Petroleum Association

                                   John Harju, VP-Strategic Partnerships, Energy & Environmental Research Center

    US-Canada Collaborations on EOR and CO2-EOR – Dan MacLean, CEO/President of Petroleum Technology Research Centre

    Expanding the Margins of the Williston Basin – The Impact of Refined Stimulation Design – Kyle Trainor, Reservoir Engineer, NP Energy Services, LLC

    Strategic Completion Design and Operation in Addressing Parent-Child Well Impact

    Ashley Thoma, Completions Team Lead, Statoil

    Lionel Ribeiro, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Statoil

    Fiber Optics in Completions: Real-Time Stage Optimization – Price Stark, Pinnacle

    Completion drivers to optimize dollars per barrel of oil equivalent – Leen Weijers, VP of Engineering, Liberty Oil Field Services


    Regulation: New Day – Better Way!  |  Location:  Exhibit Hall D

    Session Chairs:  Zac Weis, Government & Community Relations Manager, Marathon Oil

    Alan Olson, Executive Director, Montana Petroleum Association

    Douglas Benevento, EPA Region 8 Administrator

    Dave Glatt, Chief of the North Dakota Department of Health Environmental Health Section

    Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota Attorney General

    Tim Fox, Montana Attorney General


    Williston Basin’s Multi-Zone Geology

    Session Chairs:  Ed Murphy, North Dakota State Geologist, ND Geological Survey

                                Melinda Yurkowski, Assistant Chief Geologist, Petroleum Geology, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

    Untapped Unconventional Potential: Heat Flow and Source Bed Thermal Maturity – Burke Brunson, UND Geology Graduate Student

    Spearfish/Madison Formations – Travis Stolldorf, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Tyler Formation – Tim Nesheim (filling in for Jeff Brehm, Managing Member, Tall Cotton Petroleum)

    Madison Targets in Saskatchewan & North Dakota

    Arden Marsh, Petroleum Research Geologist Saskatchewan Geological Survey

    Tim Nesheim, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Birdbear-Duperow (Devonian) – Jeff Bader, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Stonewall and Lower Interlake Formations (Silurian) – Tim Nesheim, Geologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

    Helium Resources and Potential of the Phanerozoic Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Southern Saskatchewan – Melinda Yurkowski, Assistant Chief Geologist, Petroleum Geology, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy


    Thursday, May 24

    Welcome – Blu Hulsey, North Dakota Petroleum Council Chairman, Continental Resources (No presentation)

    Congressman Kevin Cramer Video

    World Supply/Demand – Linda Capuano, Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration

     Bakken Now! Production Growth & Infrastructure Needs – Lynn Helms, Director, Department of Mineral Resources

     The Best Play Gets Better – Jack Stark, President, Continental Resources

     High-Tech Oil Shale – Mike Henderson, Vice President, Resource Plays North, Marathon Oil

    Bakken CEOs – What’s Next for the Williston Basin

    Moderator: Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council

    Resilience Against Volatility – Erec Isaacson, Vice President, Rockies Business Unit, ConocoPhillips

    Bakken Strong: Our Cornerstone Asset – Thomas Nusz, Chairman and CEO, Oasis Petroleum

    Why the Bakken? – Brad Holly, President and CEO, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

     Politics & America 2018 – J.C. Watts, Chairman, J.C. Watts Companies (No presentation)