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    Dear Members,

    The North Dakota Petroleum Council represents almost 500 companies that operate in all parts of the oil and gas industry.  The industry directly employs over 65,000 people, which makes up 20% of all workers and accounts for 30% of all the wages in the state.  Taxes on oil and gas account for 50% of all the taxes collected by the state last year.

    But we do not just represent companies, we represent you. The people who work for our companies and their families and the communities where they operate.  And YOU have the right to engage your government leaders on their actions and decisions.

    The North Dakota Petroleum Council opposes Measure 1 because it will impose restrictions and reporting requirements on an individual’s right to engage in the legislative or government process.  Any person, landowner, tribal member, employee, community advocate, or interested citizen who wants to engage their government representatives on policies or actions affecting western North Dakota, for instance, would be subject to disclosure and reporting requirements.

    Measure 1 is a direct attack on your right to engage your government. Proponents of this measure are getting their ideas, and their money, from liberal out-of-state interest groups who are pushing the same ideas around the country.  We must reject this measure’s attempt to stifle free speech. We must keep our government and policy process open and accessible to the public, free from burdensome disclosure and reporting requirements.  We don’t need more restrictions, we need more engagement from the citizenry.

    Please share with your friends, family, employees, and colleagues and encourage everyone to get out and vote and OPPOSE Measure 1.


    Ron Ness

    President, NDPC

    Coalition of Industry Groups Opposing Measure 1

    • Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce
    • Western Dakota Energy Association
    • Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota
    • Great River Energy
    • Minnkota Power Cooperative
    • Credit Union Association of North Dakota
    • Bismarck/Mandan Chamber of Commerce
    • Lignite Energy Council
    • Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo Chamber of Commerce
    • Associated General Contractors of North Dakota
    • MDU Resources
    • North Dakota Family Policy Alliance
    • Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce
    • North Dakota Retail Association
    • Minot Chamber of Commerce
    • ALLETE/Minnesota Power
    • BNI Energy
    • North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association
    • Utility Shareholders of North Dakota
    • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
    • Xcel Energy
    • North Dakota Ethanol Producers
    • OtterTail Power Company
    • Williston Chamber of Commerce
    • North Dakota Petroleum Council
    • North Dakota Chiropractic Association
    • North Dakota Bankers Association
    • North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives
    • ND Association of Realtors
    • ND Implement Dealers Association