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2014 WBPC Presentations

Public Bakken Education Sessions


Alison Ritter

Ron Ness


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Crude Oil Transportation

Pipeline and Rail Safety - Kip Wills, PHMSA

Bakken Crude Oil Characteristics - Jeff Hume, Continental Resources

Enbridge Sandpiper Project - Paul Fisher, Enbridge

Moving Bakken out of the Rockies - Tad True, True Companies

Crude Oil Movements & Market Dynamics - Trisha Curtis, Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc.

Supporting Growth in the Williston Basin - Kevin Burdick, ONEOK

Reaching Coastal Markets - Curtis Shuck, Port of Vancouver USA


Bakken Investment Session

More is More: Supply, Demand, and Complexity - Vikas Dwivedi, Macquarie Securities Group

The Next Big Thing - Mike Kelly, Global Hunter Securities (NOT AVAILABLE)

Investing in the U.S. Energy Renaissance via Public Equities - John O'Shea, CFA and Brooke Borner, JP Morgan Asset Management

ND Crude Differential History - Ryan Rauschenberger, ND State Tax Commissioner (NOT AVAILABLE)


Williston Basin Solutions

Assesment of Remote Capture Technologies to Improve Gas Utilization - Chad Wocken, EERC

LNG for Rigs - Patrick Hughes, Prairie Companies

Well Stimulation Using Produced Water - Darren Schmidt, Statoil North America, Inc.

Dakota Prairie Refinery - John Stumpf, MDU Resources

DPR Product Markets, Todd Borgmann, Calumet


Bakken Workforce and Housing Session

Workforce Demographics - Nancy Hodur, North Dakota State University (NOT AVAILABLE)

Housing: Where We've Been and Where We're Going - Jeff Zarling, DAWA Solutions (NOT AVAILABLE)

Recruiting, Retention, and Housing Strategies - Pat Bertagnolli, B&G Oilfield Services (NOT AVAILABLE)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Morning Session

Wiliston Basin Roundup

Melinda Yurkowski, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

Keith Lowdon, Manitoba Innovation, Energy & Mines

Dustin de Yong, Montana Department of Commerce

Michael Lees, South Dakota Department of Mineral Resources

Lynn Helms, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources

Market Opportunities for NGLs - Don Bari, IHS Chemical

The Future of Crude by Rail - Matt Rose, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (NO SLIDES)


Keynote Luncheon

The Bakken: Creating a New Reality for America's Energy Future - Lee Tillman, Marathon Oil Corporation (NOT AVAILABLE)


Bakken Optimization

Maximizing Recover Through Increased Density Design - Gerbert Schoonman, Hess

Continental's Multiple Bench Development - John Harju, EERC

Multi-well Pad Drilling - Alan McNally, Continental Resources

Frac Operations: Review of Offset Producing Well Protection - Ben Ackley, Marathon Oil Corporation

Integrated Reservoir Characterization & Modeling in Support of Enhanced Oil Recovery for the Bakken - Basak Kurtoglu, Marathon Oil Corporation

Laboratory Comparisons of CO2 and Rich Gas Injection on Oil Recovery from Bakken Reservoir Rock and Shales - Steven Hawthorne, EERC


Williston Basin Geology

Continued Geological and Geochemical Evaluation of the Tyler Formation: a Dual Petroleum System - Tim Nesheim, ND DMR Geological Survey

Determining Three Forks Oil Prospectivity with Core and Fluorescence - John Hohman, Hess Corporation

The Relevance of Core and Lab Work in Whiting's Pronghorn Project Area, Stark County, ND - Mark Sonnenfeld, Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation (NOT AVAILABLE)

Province Wide Hydrogeological Characterization Mapping of Saskatchewan - Gavin Jensen, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy (NOT AVAILABLE)

The Evolution of the Spearfish in the North-central Portion of the Williston Basin - Mark Birchard, Corinthian Exploration

Activation Energies and RockEval Analyses of Keragonites in the Red River Formation in North Dakota - Steve Nordeng, ND DMR Geological Survey


Regulatory & Environment

Exploring Technologies in managing Solid waste Streams - Jeff Kummer, MBI Energy Services (NOT AVAILABLE)

Federal Permitting - Jamie Connel, Bureau of Land Management

Permitting Waste Facilities - Dave Glatt, North Dakota Department of Health (NOT AVAILABLE)

The Power of Integrated Logistics - Mark Johnsrud, Nuverra Environmental Solutions


Workforce Safety

Dangerous Work Doesn't Have to be Unsafe: Workplace Fatalities and Injuries in the Bakken - Bryan Klipfel, ND Workforce Safety Insurance

The Importance of Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Industry in Combatting Crime - John A. Dalziel, Federal Bureau of Investigation (NOT AVAILABLE)

A Primer on FR Clothing - Brad Eaton, DuPont Protection Technologies (NOT AVAILABLE)

Safe All Weather Drilling Sites - Mike Carbaugh, Quality Mats (NOT AVAILABLE)



Thursday, May 22, 2014


Morning Session

What's Ahead? - Lynn Helms, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources

Gas and Oil Infrastructure Development: The View from the FERC - Tony Clark, FERC Commissioner

Get America Back to Work - Sean Hannity (NOT AVAILABLE)


Bakken Strong: Leadership for Energy Security

Geopolotics of Shale Oil - Tom Petrie, Petrie Partners

Rock Steady in the Bakken - Harold Hamm, Continental Resources

Whiting's Path Forward - Jim Volker, Whiting Petroleum

Bakken Operation Efficiencies - Tommy Nusz, Oasis Petroleum