North Dakota Oil PAC

A strong oil and gas industry requires sound policy and elected officials who understand and value the role of industry in the state.

The NDPC has a non-partisan, multi-candidate state Political Action Committee (PAC) to support candidates for local and state offices who understand the oil and gas industry and encourage the safe and responsible development of our resources. The PAC strives to educate candidates and elected officials on the important issues and the role of industry in growing our economy, supporting careers, and funding our state’s priorities. The PAC also stresses the need addressing challenges through sound policy and regulations that provide certainty and flexibility for innovation.

The ND Oil PAC contributes to candidates who have a strong record in supporting oil and gas development in the state; advances legislation that encourages energy development; helps maintain a business-friendly environment, or opposes an incumbent or candidate who is hostile to our industry.

PAC Memberships

PAC memberships are available for 2022 in tiers as listed below:

  • $350 and above: Bakken Premier Oil PAC Director – Voting member and listed as a sponsor all remaining 2020 ND Oil PAC Events
  • $200 – $349: Oil PAC Director – A voting member of the ND Oil PAC
  • $50 – $199: Contributor – We appreciate your support. There are no reporting requirements for contributions less than $200.

Campaign finance law requires all contributions to ND Oil PAC be from personal funds of a United States citizen. By contributing, you guarantee that you are a United States citizen and that your payment is personal and neither from nor to be reimbursed by a business. If paying by check, please address it to North Dakota Oil PAC and mail with THIS FORM to ND Oil PAC, PO Box 1395, Bismarck, ND 58502.


PAC Events and Sponsorships

ND Oil PAC hosts a number of events throughout the year to promote networking among its members and raise funds for the PAC. Various sponsorships for these events are available. Sponsorships include recognition at events sponsored or all events (premier corporate sponsorship). Sponsorships may be paid with corporate funds. If paying by check, please address it to North Dakota Petroleum Council and mail it to ND Oil PAC, PO Box 1395, Bismarck, ND 58502. Please send your high-resolution logo to