Mule Deer Foundation schedules next organizational meeting

North Dakota deer season is here and serves as a reminder of the many volunteers who help rebuild and support the habitat needed to continue this great heritage.


The Muddy Buck Chapter in Williston and the Bakken Roughnecks Chapter in Watford City are currently looking for new members and volunteers to help as their chapters grow and continue hosting banquets and events that will benefit the MDF’s mission and support for habitat for years to come.  The meeting dates are:

Monday, November 20: Muddy Buck Chapter Meeting

When:  6 p.m. CDT

Where:  Jerry’s Services, 606 East Dakota Parkway, Williston, ND

Tuesday, November 21: Bakken Roughnecks Chapter

When:  7 p.m. CDT

Where:  Teddy’s Lounge, 113 9th Ave SE, Watford City, ND


Typical chapters meet once a month for 90 minutes, though meetings may be more frequent as the banquet date nears.  Each individual brings a set of skills that benefit the team and any time given – no matter how brief – is an enormous help to the chapter and committee.  Committee members will design the banquet, determine the merchandise and guns that will be available at the banquet, set up fun events like Beers for Deer or participate in youth events, sell raffle tickets and banquet tickets, hang posters, and pick up donations.  Getting involved in the MDF is also a great opportunity for a parent and/or  teen to volunteer together and instill that “giving back” to the hobby and lifestyle that you love.  During the summer, the MDF also has opportunities to do “Boots On The Ground” events, working on habitat projects and being part of youth events.

Attend one of the meetings above to find out how you can get involved and help kick off plans for the 2018 banquet and potential Beers For Deer events.  For more information, contact Marshall at 406-850-8785.