NDPC: Pipeline Approvals Mark a New Beginning For North American Energy Renaissance

BISMARCK, N.D. – The approval of the Dakota Access Pipelines and Keystone XL will provide the necessary infrastructure needed to restart our nation’s energy renaissance and move our country closer to its goals of greater energy and national security, says North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness.

“We applaud President Trump’s decision to make good on his promises and move these two projects forward. His actions today will enhance our nation’s energy and economic security and help resume our nation’s efforts to build better, more modern and technologically advanced infrastructure.

“For too long, the Obama administration had moved the goal posts for legal projects, injecting uncertainty into our state and national economy. Projects that were thoroughly vetted by multiple state agencies were held hostage by a small but vocal minority. But now, the North American energy renaissance can continue. Pipelines remain the safest, most efficient and economic mode of transportation and having an additional 560,000 barrels per day or more of pipeline capacity will be a great boost for our state and individuals alike. As Bakken crude is finally compensated for its true value, state tax coffers, mineral owners and workers will reap the rewards.

“As we’ve stated time and again, the Dakota Access Pipeline is a legal project that has met and exceeded all regulatory obligations, a fact that was confirmed by two court opinions. We look forward to finally seeing completion of the pipeline and the resolution of the fracas that has surrounded its construction. But just as important, we are excited for the opportunity to get back to growing our state and national economy and creating jobs and livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of Americans.”