NDPC Speaker Series – Navigating OSHA Inspections and Minimizing Risk

Featuring: Pat Miller, Sherman and Howard, LLC
Tara Crisp, AssuredPartners

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
11:00am CT

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SLIDE PRESENTATION:  Practical Aspects of OSHA inspection_NDPC Presentation

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Potential Pitfalls of an OSHA Investigation


We know you are all committed to ensuring the safest workplace for your employees, but accidents still happen. It is important to be armed with the knowledge you might need to navigate the OSHA investigation process.
We hope you can join our upcoming speaker series to hear from legal and insurance experts to better understand the OSHA investigation process and the steps you need to take to minimize your risk.

When someone is seriously or fatally injured on a location the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will immediately conduct an investigation. It is important for oilfield companies to understand the steps and consequences of an OSHA investigation. There are many do’s and don’ts associated with this type of investigation that can mean the difference between a short investigation and significant civil and, in some cases, criminal liability. Don’t be fooled into thinking that workers’ compensation insurance will keep you from facing significant exposure!

They will be providing advice as to how to navigate certain unique aspects of OSHA inspections such as:

• Accident site documentation;
• Proper designation of management representatives whose actions may bind the Company;
• Evidence preservation;
• Coordination between contractors on site;
• Document requests; and
• Management and employee interviews

The purpose of this program is to provide company principals with an understanding of the risks associated with OSHA inspection and to provide them with the tools to successfully navigate such risks.