July 29, 2019

Bismarck, N.D. – In response to a lawsuit filed in District Court by the Northwest Landowners Association, Ron Ness, President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, issued the following statement:

“The 2019 legislature overwhelmingly supported SB 2344, which provided critical clarifications for landowners, mineral owners, and mineral developers on the use of pore space under the surface.  Not only was this legislation supported by the North Dakota Petroleum Council and many landowners, but also by the City and County of Bowman, the Bowman County Development Corporation, and the Lignite Energy Council. This action by the legislature was not unprecedented, as they have historically passed tort reform and bills of a similar nature.  SB 2344 garnered a wide array of support from landowners, communities, and others who saw this as a chance to clarify existing law and reduce future lawsuits to ensure mineral development can continue in the Bakken and make it possible to utilize carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery in our mature oil fields.”


NWLA v. State – Complaint