North Dakota’s Oil Boom Fuels Economic Growth

By Mark Silva | Assistant Managing Editor

This isn’t your father’s Fargo any more.

That a state so sparsely populated and geographically remote stands among the top-five nationally in a broad measure of economic, educational, health and other metrics speaks volumes about an economic boom that North Dakota has experienced during the past decade.

Indeed it is the state’s economic growth – No. 1 in the Best States rankings – that helped propel it to No. 2 in the overall measure of state economies.

With among the lowest unemployment in the nation and highest labor force participation, North Dakota also ranks highly in the roads, energy infrastructure – and even internet service – that it provides for just over three-quarters of a million residents. Its highly ranked higher education, with among the nation’s most affordable tuition, has helped the citizenry reach a high level of attainment of college degrees. All measures considered, the state ranks No. 4 overall.

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