ONE BASIN-One Way! Updated Requirements for Distance Learning


ONE BASIN-One Way! is here to help and we have found a creative solution to the COVID-19 crisis by creating Distance Learning.  Distance Learning is a live, instructor-led training method where instructors and students do not meet in a classroom but use the Internet to have classes.

The ONE BASIN-One Way! Advisory Group began offering the ONE BASIN-One Way! Orientation in a Distance Learning model on Thursday, March 26, 2020.  This is a temporary solution to ensure workers still receive the orientation required while avoiding unnecessary exposure.

In this model, students will take the course from the convenience of their own computer, laptop or tablet (cell phones are no longer allowed) while still having the ability and expectation to interact with the instructor in a real-time setting.

To take the ONE BASIN-One Way! Orientation in a Distance Learning setting, students must use:

  • A computer, laptop or tablet with a microphone and an embedded camera or webcam (cell phones are no longer allowed).
  • Email confirmation received by the student or received by the individual that registered the student.

The student will click on the link in the email confirmation and be logged in and ready to learn about 15 minutes prior to the class start time.  The student should test their system speakers, microphone and camera prior to the class start time so the course is not disrupted.

Other items to note:

  • The student’s camera must be on at all times and he or she must be in the room where the instructor and student can interact (Blackboard or Zoom).
  • The student will be required to have their photo uploaded to their ProCertX profile before the start of class OR show their photo ID to the instructor via their webcam once they are logged in.
  • To earn a certificate, the student must register and attend the entire course.  The ONE BASIN-One Way! certificate will be available on his/her ProCertX profile as soon as the instructor checks the student out of the course.  The student may then print their profile page to be used as a badge or take a photo of their profile and QR code to show at any site where he or she is working.  This is a short-term solution; the student must work toward getting their photo in their profile so a physical badge can be printed and mailed. While the QR code in the ProCertX profile will show that you have completed the ONE BASIN-One Way! training, we cannot guarantee that the company sites will allow you to work on their locations without your picture on a badge.
  • To receive a printed badge, the student must have a photo uploaded to their profile and provide an accurate mailing address preferably prior to the start of class, but no more than two weeks after the class.  The ONE BASIN-One Way! training administrators will print the badge and ship it to the address identified for the student within ProCertX.

For more information, please contact the North Dakota Petroleum Council at 701.204.7347; the North Dakota Safety Council at 701.223.6372; and TrainND Northwest at 701.572.2835.