Production in Bakken cleared 1.1 million barrel per day mark; more increases may be ahead

By Renée Jean

For the eighth consecutive month, oil production in North Dakota hovered over the 1 million barrel per day mark, and incrementally climbed its way back to another milestone.

September production was 1.107 million barrels per day, up from August’s 1.089 million. It is the first time since March 2016 that North Dakota oil production exceeded 1.1 million.

Gas production, meanwhile, fell, despite crude oil production increases, a reversal of the trendline during the downturn. The gas ratio in crude oil production had been steadily increasing since Nov. 2014, because oil and gas companies had moved drilling into the core of the Bakken, where it is more profitable — but also more gassy.  The reversal reflects activity moving into areas outside the core.