During COVID-19 Crisis

At this time of great uncertainty, some of us are in need and a lot of us are looking for ways we can help.  We have compiled this list of efforts in our communities that are in need of assistance.  Please let us know if you are aware of anything that could be added to this list and we will continue to update and share.


Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation

The Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation (NWNDCF) works to serve and strengthen communities across Williams, Divide, McKenzie, and Mountrail Counties every day.  In light of recent events, NWNDCF has established the NWNDCF Relief Fund to support communities and nonprofits as they deal with the myriad of issues posed by the downturn of the oil and gas industry and the COVID-19 virus.



Oilfield Helping Hands was established to help oilfield families with financial assistance in times of crisis. They are currently developing an online donation campaign, as they have had a number of applications for assistance in the last week alone. We will pass along those details as they are developed.

As of right now, they are still planning their 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament scheduled for Saturday, May 30 in Watford City.

Great Plains Food Bank

The Great Plains Food Bank’s immediate COVID-19 response statewide is to continue to support their partner food pantries by supplying them with the critical food they need to feed their neighbors. Because the supply chain is somewhat limited at the moment (retail food donations down due to consumer hoarding, delayed donations from manufacturing, etc.), they must purchase food by the semi-load (at $25,000/load) to meet the immediate needs.

Unfortunately, many food pantries are closing their doors due to social distancing, fears, elderly volunteers, etc. To meet these new gaps in service, the Great Plains Food Bank is adjusting their Mobile Food Pantry and Pop-Up Perishable Food Distribution routes to ensure people still have access to food assistance.  They’re packing emergency food boxes for pantries to distribute (to help ease their extra burdens), and to more easily, and safely distribute in the statewide outreach efforts. These boxes weigh about 25 pounds and provide 3 days of food for 1-2 people. A gift of $50 will support the food and transportation costs to get these boxes into the hands of people who need it most.

Donate or volunteer at local food pantry – Great Plains Food Bank Partners

Host a Virtual Food Drive – INSTRUCTIONS

Donate to the Great Plains Food Bank – DONATE HERE

United Way

The Missouri Slope Areawide United Way has created a Pandemic Relief Fund to support our community’s unsheltered residents who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, and low-income individuals, students and families at imminent risk of hunger and homelessness due to health and economic impacts of coronavirus.



Vitalant Blood Donation

Our region is in desperate need of blood donations. With the onset of COVID-19 concerns, many blood drives were cancelled and donations decreased dramatically. But we still need the blood.

Our region, including ND, SD, and part of Montana, requires 250 blood donations every day just to service our area’s 68 hospitals.

Every blood donation, on average, will save 3 people’s lives. The U.S. Surgeon General is urging Americans to get out and donate blood. Every precaution is being taken to protect donors from COVID-19.



If you need assistance and would like help coordinating a donation with Vitalant, please let us know!


Watford City Incident Command

They are collecting the essential supplies to help them respond to any outbreaks and illnesses. Supplies can be left by door E by the Emergency Department at the hospital.

Items Needed:
– N95 masks
– other masks (i.e. dust masks)
– disinfecting wipes
– hand sanitizer
– hand soap
– medical style gloves, nitrile vinyl etc. (no latex)
– face shields similar to what’s shown below, basically needs to be clear viewing and cover down chin

Sara Palmer, MPH, MLS (ASCP)CM
Infection Control Coordinator
Phone: 701-444-8662