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The North Dakota Petroleum Council is the ONE BASIN – One Way! Program Administrator. Once you request your company profile, contact NDPC for questions regarding employee profiles, session enrollment, and payments.


Private classes are available. Contact North Dakota Safety Council at 701-223-6372 or TrainND Northwest at 701-572-2835 to request a private class.


North Dakota Petroleum Council members receive discounts for ONE BASIN – One Way! training. To learn more about NDPC membership, contact Kay Roth at 701-204-7347 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONE BASIN – One Way!?

It is a standardized contractor safety orientation program for the oil and gas industry in North Dakota.

Why is ONE BASIN – One Way! safety first?

The ONE BASIN – One Way! Orientation curriculum is designed to raise safety awareness on over forty critical topics PLUS focus on a number of North Dakota-specific job hazards that are not covered by traditional orientation programs.  Statistics indicate that more than fifty percent of ND industry safety incidences are transportation-related, ONE BASIN – One Way! orientation places particular emphasis on transportation safety awareness in our state.

Why was ONE BASIN - One Way! started?

In 2018, an estimated 32,000 contractors attended orientations for each producer who hired them. Many contractors sat through the same information 4 – 8 times during the year. By standardizing the orientation curriculum across the Basin, contractors must only sit through an orientation one time in a given period, which means saved manhours. ND has a workforce shortage. One orientation per year provides the necessary safety awareness and reduces 1.25 million lost manhours sitting in redundant orientations.

How long is the course?

Four hours will be required to complete the safety orientation including 40+ vital safety topics. Your ONE BASIN – One Way! ID Card will allow you to work on facilities of all the producers who participate.

How often do I need to take ONE BASIN- One Way! orientation classes?

The ONE BASIN One Way! Orientation class is a four-hour classroom with instructor style orientation covering 40+ vital safety topics. This certification will never expire. 

Your certifications are automatically connected to your profile upon scanning out of orientation, meaning you can go straight back to work with your badge and be able to work on locations of all the producers who participate.

Where will ONE BASIN – One Way!? orientation take place and who will be instructors?

Orientation will be held at 7+ locations across North Dakota including Williston, Dickinson, Minot, Tioga, Watford City, Bismarck and Fargo. It will be taught by TrainND NW in Williston and by the North Dakota Safety Council across the rest of North Dakota.

Who can attend ONE BASIN – One Way! orientation?

All contract employees across the Williston Basin are welcome to attend.

ConocoPhillips, Crestwood Midstream, Devon Energy, Enerplus, Equinor, Hess Corporation, Hunt Oil, Kraken Oil & Gas, Oasis Petroleum, ONEOK, Inc., QEP Resources, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, and XTO Energy have become the ONE BASIN One Way! Safety FIRST partners with more to join.

How much does ONE BASIN – One Way! orientation cost?

ONE BASIN – One Way! regular price is $185/attendee and includes the ONE BASIN – One Way! workbook, personal badge and access to ProCertX software for reporting and recording of individual safety records.

NDPC members receive a $25/attendee discount with full orientation prices of $160/attendee, including workbook, personal badge and access to ProCertX software for reporting and recording of individual safety records.